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You’re Surrounded

Hey folks, BHC here. When there was nothing else, there was music. When the women of my past broke my heart, it was the musicians of the world that reminded me I wasn’t alone. When good times were being had, it was a song that became interwoven with those moments. Hearing just a snipet of that song brings the memory back like a flash flood. That soundtrack to your life is crucial in defining who you are and your base philosophies. So make sure the soundtrack doesn’t suck.

I feel blessed that the bodyguard has such a wide range of musical tastes. Each genre a glimpse into who he was when it came into his life. Punk rock, grunge, metal, funk, soul, jam bands, oldies, and of course rock all combine to make him the twisted clown he is today. And it was people that brought the music to him.

Wes, Don, and Wayne brought the punk rock. From the Dead Kennedys and the Ramones to Oingo Boingo and Dramarama the sounds of no responsibility never sounded so sweet. Brian Reynolds taught classic rock from the desk of a mattress store that smelled of Chicago style hot dogs. Travis and Cari got him wearing flannel and not cutting his hair for so long he came back to California looking a bit like a bloated Charles Manson. Then Cobain died and with him went a small piece of that one magical summer. Wally, Randy, and Steph turned him on to twenty minute jams that only sounded sweeter on a farm in Tennessee. Awesome people who gave the bodyguard a path and a style.

Some of the most profound influences on the bodyguard are two artists that he will always attribute to his mother. The Beach Boys. “God Only Knows” is the single greatest song ever recorded in my bobbley opinion. Sorry “Let it Be”. Suck it “Satisfaction”. And “Like a Rolling Stone” was only number 1 because the name of the magazine is in the song title. No disrespect intended Mr. Dylan. The sounds of California surf music always makes a bad day better. The other artist, Neil Diamond. “Holly Holy” is the song associated to the bodyguards proudest moment, the climax of his play “Loaded”. A song he would not have known if not for his mom.

So cherish your ears, people. Fill them with musicians. Real, tangible instruments. Go see a band live or meet me at Bonnaroo. No matter how you do it just make sure that you surround yourself with people worth remembering to a song that’s worth singing. Cause no one wants to be remembered as the “Macerena” guy.

Keep nodding


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Not a Resolution, A Challenge

Hey folks, BHC here. For the start of the new year I have a new idea to share with that I hope will tickle your fancy the way one desires their fancy to be tickled. Starting tomorrow, my normal morning, though sometimes afternoon, greeting of “Hello world… ” and a question will be incorporated into this wonderful new idea. I know, you all love the questions and I promise you that I won’t stop asking, because getting to know my Nation is essential to me. But instead of waking up to a question that may or may not be what you want to talk about imagine now waking up to begin your day in a supremely positive light. I can hear the rumblings now, “Oh, lord, BHC has flipped his bobblehead and thinks he’s a self help guru.” So not the case, though I would be awesome at that. What I’m proposing here is a way to better get to know each other while collectively increasing our happiness.

Here it is. Tomorrow morning, though possibly afternoon as it is New Year’s Eve, I will post the following status update. “Hello world. Today I decide to be better…” That’s it. That’s all there is to it. I’m just going to decide to be better than I was the previous day. It may be that I decide to be better at my job, my relationships, my self, my charitable side, or I could just be talking in general. Each day I will decide to be a better bobble. A better friend to all of you. I will be a better writer, entertainer, and motorboater. Ok, that last one is gonna require quite a bit of practice ladies, so bring ’em on.

If you’re with me, just press the “like” button. Everyday. So I know that it’s touching others. Ok, insert “touching others” joke, moving on. If you are going to try to be better at something specifically then in the comments just type @ and whatever it is you are going to try to improve. @ my job, @ listening, @ loving, @ that thing with the cantaloupe and the snorkel, @ whatever. That way, I and the rest of the Nation, can be inspired by you. And then you’ll inspire someone else, and they will do the same. Endless streams of people trying to get better.

So that’s it. If you’re with me, great. If not, bummer, this is what I’m gonna do. The questions will still be around, just maybe a little later in the day. The Nation as it stands at this moment has just over 1,500 members. Awesome for such a short time. With this addition I think we will see our ranks grow to the might of taking down the American Idol runner-up whom I was modeled after. The only page that can get that many fans is the BHC Nation page That’s the one that has to take him out. My challenge to you, Nation. I will be better, you help me grow til we eclipse him like a the dark side of the moon. And I would love to announce that just that has happened at The Big Bobble. That’s your challenge for the new year.

Have a great new year Nation. We all deserve it.

Keep on Nodding,


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