The BHC Nation “Order of the Notorious” Inductee #3: TJ Comer (Miss Empire)

Inductee #3: TJ Comer (Miss Empire).  Now I know what you’re thinking, “That’s an ugly tranny.” And you’d be right, TJ would make an ugly woman.  But as a bro he’s top notch.  He dawned that ridiculous get up for a charity event called Biker Boyz Gone Wild, where he represented our local gathering spot, Empire Pizza and Bar.  Here’s the kicker, pretty much every biker beauty at the event was drunk.  I mean, it takes a couple of cocktails to get the body ready to strut around a bar full of bikers while wearing an evening gown.  But TJ was sober.  That amazed me.  Had I been in the hands of any other barbarian in Vera Wang no one knows the places and things I would have seen.  That’s a horrifying thought.  But TJ would no doubt keep me safe.  He did and we had a blast.    But TJ’s influence on the BHC Nation doesn’t end with a simple charity event.  He’s way more important to the bodyguard than even TJ imagines. 

     This guy selflessly promotes BHC and believes in the messages of love and compassion.  He listens to the bodyguard as schemes are hatched, blogs talked about, charity events planned.  He’s going to be instrumental in The Big Bobble, a charity concert that we are going to pull off in the spring.  TJ is the first sounding board for everything that you see on the page, in the blog, and in the future.  He has introduced me to people that have made the impossible, totally possilbe.  As the bodyguard slips into BHC more and more, it’s TJ, Wally, and Emily that pull him out and remind him that he’s a real boy.  That’s a service that you usually have to pay extra for, triple in parts of Thailand, but I assure you TJ knows nothing about those kind of things.  (Side to TJ: Dude, I told you I could include the Thailand thing in a “classy” way).  It’s also a service that is essential.   The bodyguard does need time to be himself and TJ is most helpful in that capacity.

     TJ Fun Fact: Limber as a gymnast.   

    So thank you TJ Comer!  Your place in the Order of the Notorious was inevitable from the start.  Thank you for all the advice, the support, the help, and just for being a good man and friend.  You’re one of the good guys and the Nation is lucky that you exist.

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