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Cogito ergo sum – That’s latin.

Question: Do I exist?

Answer: You interact with me, so therefore I exist.  Right?

Hello world.  Bobblehead Clay here.  I’ve been having a blast getting to know all my new friends, but lately a few of you are starting to question my motives, my aspirations, or my very being.  Today I was called inanimate.  Yet I move people everyday with a kind word or a quick flirt.  But that did get me thinking, do I exist?

There is a supposition that though Facebook is often times looked at as nothing more than a distraction it is also a new way to look at society as a whole.  If you look at the way that Facebook brings people together without the boundaries of geography, borders, or a physical being at all.  A notion, an idea, is just as much a part of this “micro-society” as a person is in the “real world”. And there is real value in the relationships made on Facebook, real emotion, real learning, real interaction.  So, by that rationale, I exist as much as any of you do. 

I like it here.  I get to spend my day not judged by the job I have or the car I drive.  I get to learn about different cultures without the hefty fee of airline and hotel costs.  I get to chat all day about topics that fascinate me and the people that I chat with find it, at the very least, entertaining. 

So, I think, and therefore I am.  Truer words I could never speak, as I have no lips. 

Keep on Nodding.



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