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Hi, my name is…

Bobblehead Clay here. Though some have shortened it to BHC and you wanna know something, I’m fine with that. It’s a testiment to who and what I am. And that is a question a lot of you are asking yourselves. Who and what is Bobblehead Clay?

The short answer is I am fame. I am going to be the first Ceramilebrity.

But let’s not dwell on the future. First let’s talk about who I am not. The person I was sculpted to look like should in no way bias you to who I am. I love the ladies like Mel Gibson hates Jews. It’s what I’m all about. Seriously, there is just so much about dames to delight in. The way they smell, oh I wish I had a nasal cavity, intoxicating. The curves. Fellas, back me up on how we feel about the curves. When the silhouette of a doll looks like the Appalachians, let’s just say that sometimes ceramic can turn into wood. And then there’s those adorable squeaks, whimpers, giggles, moans, and squeals. There is no better soundtrack for your life than the quirky noises a woman in love makes, well except for the Garden State soundtrack, that thing was 31 flavors of yum.

Party boy? Check. Skirt Chaser? Like Clooney, bro. The guy your girl will cheat on you with? Probably. Awesome Wingman? Goose to your Maverick. A lame ass faux celebrity like “The Itchuation”? Never gonna be me, sweet meat. Oh I will enjoy a hot tub full of bikini Betties and in far classier style than that A-hole. I idolize true men. Hefner. Clooney. Brosnon. Clinton. These dudes score more than Kobe Bryant. And they do it with charm, charisma, confidence, and cool. The 4 C’s of seduction. They, not some barely literate gym rat getting by on abs and a hideous grill, are men to be idolized and paid attention.

Most importantly to you, I also aim to entertain. The prep work on my first video has begun and this is when things will really take off. I will be posting “Live from the Set” on shooting day, until then there will be updates along the way. That rhymed like peas and carrots. Wait, that doesn’t…

Speaking of something different, wait til you see what I am gonna do for “Eminent Moisture”. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride, buckle up Buckaroos.

So, I hope that helps you understand who I and what I am all about. Keep your head nodding.



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